Reduce Your Expenses

  • Get an Immediate Hard Dollar Savings of 30% - 50% or more
  • Reduce your forms, envelopes, printers, meters, inserting equipment and labor and put that money back into your people, products and services.
  • Get an immediate Postage Savings of 30% or more
  • We can correctly consolidate all your bills and documents to the same customer into one outgoing envelope. This will save materials and postage. In some cases we have seen a reduction in postage expenses of more than 60%.
  • We will presort and meter and save you $.10 or more per outgoing piece.
  • With Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment you can:
    • Completely eliminate all paper and material expenses.
    • Completely eliminate all postage.
    • Deliver your bill quicker.
    • Receive your payment quicker.
    • Be more environmentally friendly and "Go Green."

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