How Do We Do This

We combine the latest automation technologies with a team of experienced experts who design and implement a customized system that fits your needs precisely. For you, our customer, its this easy:

  1. Just as you do now, you enter your information into your accounting system. Then you simply send the information electronically to one of our processing centers.
  2. Upon receipt of your data our automated systems identify and send the information to the hard copy or electronic delivery system you have selected.
  3. Paper documents are printed, folded, inserted into envelopes, sorted for maximum postage savings and delivered to the USPS. Electronic bills are transmitted upon receipt. Customers can then pay bills online if you elect this option.
  4. An electronic image of each document is then archived and viewable via the web. Your internal people can then access these documents to service accounts or each of your customers can access their own documents and elect to pay on line.

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