Document Scanning

How much time do you and your people spend searching for paper documents? Some studies suggest we lose 2 or more hours each workday trying to locate paperwork. This includes highly paid executives and their staffs.

Eatonform Process Solutions has a better way: We can design a document scanning and archiving program that specifically meets your needs.

Think of it:

  • No more sea of papers to sift through
  • No more overflowing file cabinets
  • No more searching in the basement or remote storage facility
  • Easy, online access to all documents using a search engine designed to your filing specifications
  • Secure, backed up storage

Create an e-filing cabinet

Documents such as contracts, proofs of delivery, purchase orders, or any other paper document can be linked to your billing documents so you or your customer can view all of their documents right there on line - straight from a link on your website.

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