Flowing Cash To Your Bottom Line Just Got Easier

It's no secret that a lean approach to virtually any business system reduces cost, improves profitability and makes you more competitive. When it comes to billing transactions and document distribution the most cost-effective solution is to take these tasks from your hands and place them into ours. As a leading outsource billing provider, Eatonform Process Solutions combines the latest technologies, unique skills and years of experience to:

Since making the switch to Eatonform...
  • Improve your Days Sold Outstanding (DSO)
  • Get your billing documents delivered to your customers 2, 3 or more days quicker
  • Get a hard dollar Savings of 30% - 50% or more
  • Reduce your postage expenses by more than 30%
  • Ensure 100% Accuracy, guaranteed...or you don't pay!
  • Create Electronic Billing Options for your customers

Driving Dollars To Your Bottom Line

Eatonform Process Solutions is responsible for distributing more than $125 million in customer billings each day. That amounts to over $30 billion each year. By saving these customers 2, 3 or more Days Sold Outstanding, we add substantial dollars to their bottom lines.

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